Does genetic components of traits in Adoption really matter?

Adoption Case Study

Kritika is an adopted child of Priya and Kiran. With Kiran’s limited time for the family and with their elder daughter turning sixteen; they chose to adopt Kritika to help Priya keep herself busy. Settled well in life, they had always wished to help a homeless child and this was the right time. This is how the two-year-old Kritika entered into their family. And in no time, she was getting along with the family well. It was a happy welcome for the family and the child as well.

Kritika fit in well in not just the family but in the neighbourhood too and soon she had become a charming child for all. Weekend shopping, evening walks, and get-togethers for Priya become more enjoyable with Kritika. Sending her off to play home in the morning, bringing her back, preparing her favorite dishes, taking up her studies, with all these new happening, routine changed for Priya. Life became interesting. The transition was never a difficult task for the child and the family as well.

Priya took Kritika to a nearby park every day. After playing, the duo sat talking about the events of the day. During one of their discussion, Kritika said that she remembered her earlier days and had easily come up with the narration of the past incidents.

Days passed by swiftly. One year elapsed. Kritika had enough friends to play during the evenings. Priya accompanied her and sat at a distance watching the kids playing. On an evening, Kritika left the group in the mid of playing and walked to a group of workers who were sweeping and cleaning the roads, picking up the dried leaves and twigs on the pavements.

Priya kept noticing Kritika talking to one of the women. The talks stretched for some time. Curious Priya wanted to know what was being so seriously discussed. As she neared, the woman said,

“The child wants to sweep. What will her parents say if they see their child with the broom?”

Priya took it lightly and returned home along with Kritika. The same instance occurred the next day too. Kritika snatched the broom and was busy sweeping the roads. One moment, Priya was overpowered with a strange feeling. However, it did not take long for her to understand why Kritika’s behavior was so different from other kids. Genes! She had the answer with her.

Analysis of the case:

In the above case, Priya accepted the fact and rather than avoiding the child in doing such a work, she encouraged her in a positive way appreciating her interest on cleanliness. Soon, dusting and sweeping were integrated on Kritika’s weekend routines. This not only made Kritika feel important, it helped the family to come to terms with their child.


In adoption, genetic components play a major role in shaping up a person. Traits, behaviours, the way a person thinks or feels, all have their share of genes.

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