Expression is the most important form in Communication. Clear, precise and crisp words with the right body language, tone and pitch conveys exactly what needs to be conveyed. It is also received well and accepted by the receiver in the same way as expressed. Undeniably, knowledge being the important element, even bragging needs some crux to be bragged about.

In today’s fast pacing world, with people always running short of time all the time, the patience level to listen has dwindled. With the fast-growing technologies and gadgets replacing the human touch, attention span has drastically come down. In such a scenario, it is quite obvious, people choose the most optimum, efficient and easiest way to communicate. English language being widely spoken, it is preferred over any other language. But for some others, English speaking is pride and prestige.

Most of the parents today prefer their kids learn English at a very early age as their very motto is to make the child ready for the competitions ahead of them. Whatever be the reason, English speaking has been trending. Fortunately, the desi style of English speaking too what we endured until recent past has now been replaced with western accent.

Watch any teenager, they seem to be quite at ease with American English and if you observe closely, you can see them imitating and trying to adapt the sophisticated style. Why just teenagers, even older people have been trying to improve their English-speaking skill. The trending English speaking courses in every corner of the streets are a testimony to it.

Let’s admit, we all feel good when we are treated with respect and when we are valued. If, by mere speaking in English gets us those why should we be deprived of that importance? We as human beings, crave for attentions. Hence, getting a positive attention can add flavour to our days and lives. It’s better to be a Roman when in Rome. Hence going with the flow is good. Good English with good grammar is a definite merit. At the same time, let’s also agree the fact that it is always the native language that comes out first from our mouth while we are in pain, or sorrow or in tears or even in joy.

Let’s take some practical situations of life. If someone hails from a small town or a village, can you imagine the animated expressions of the people around them when they communicate in English. They just do not fit in the lot. English speaking though has positive sides it has its negative sides too. This reminds me of my childhood days when most of my winter and summer breaks were spent at my grandparent’s house. Every evening, when I played with all my neighbourhood kids, I would often feel myself discriminated because I was the odd one out who was not so comfortable speaking in the native language. It also reminds me of some incidences, when I chose to speak in English while I travelled in public transports just to keep away the weird looks men gave. The English language rather saved me from those strange looks of men.

However, if looked beyond, it is the expression what matters most in our daily lives. The right expression. The knowledge about the subject and the confident look in the eyes of the speaker, be it a one to one communication or in a group discussion or even a casual chatting, at work or at home has the ability to convey a lot about the speaker. No matter what language one chooses to speak.

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