Relationships are complicated. Two people trying to know each other inside out, spending a lot of time together trying to understand each other.  And contemplating about if the relationship is headed towards a long-term commitment or not. It’s a lot of work and the most important question starts bothering us sooner or later. Do we really fall in love or infatuating? Every person is different.  With the difference in opinion, there are numerous concepts about love that we keep hearing time to time. Some believe in romantic love where you find your soul-mate and live happily ever after.  We just look for a compatible partner to settle down with as we need a comfort zone different from friends. Some even believe that falling in love is a myth.  It is nothing more than a strong attraction or infatuation we feel for people. To fixate on one concrete answer is difficult. But one thing is for sure that there are major changes in people.  They are strongly and actively a part of a relationship. Or as some people would say – they are in love!

Let us discuss some of these changes and signs of being in love to understand do we really fall in love.

1.      New activities

A tell-tale sign of being in love is when a person goes out of their usual set of activities and curriculum. He or she tries to get involved in things that their partner favors. You find yourself going out and trying different food. You watch different kind of movies, or taking up different activities to do time to time to adjust with your partner.  It is most probably because you are in love. Or rather, instead of stereotyping, at least you are more than willing to adjust to your partner’s lifestyle and habits sacrificing your own at times. It means you have a really strong desire to be with that person.

2.      Intense involvement

How involved you are with your partner? And how often that happens to you is a great way to decide if you are really falling in love or not. Do you feel a very intense passion for your partner which tends to grow every now and then? You feel different and happy around your partner. You feel like being a part of their life more or other way round. Willingness to get more and more involved in each other’s life is a positive sign.  You are trying to spin your life around this person. Unless you have felt the same way about other partners or other people too, this is ‘The one’.

3.      Emotional investment

Emotional investment multiplies ten folds when you are with a person you are genuinely interested in.  And you want to settle down with that person. People falling in love will involuntarily adjust compromise and invest immensely to ensure stability and harmony in a relationship. If you feel that what you currently and mutually share with your partner is much more than attraction, if you share each other’s values and choices, if you understand, respect and support each other, then the feeling is unique. When you are willing to invest your time, effort and emotions for this person that means it is worth it.

Above are some basic points to assess and know, do we really fall in love.  But the very interpretation of love varies with different phases of life. However, valuing yourself in a relationship is the most important element of any relationship.

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