My contribution to Sunday photo fiction – Life

Did the ocean and the shore really shrink over the years, I wondered gazing at the sea. For a moment, I felt it really did. No, it didn’t, but my life did, I realized. It was more than a decade ago, I vividly remember the last time I had visited this shore. Back then, my world was full of dreams, wishes, and targets.

Little did I knew then, life wasn’t all roses. Like any other evenings, sharp at half past five, as was my usual routine, I left for an evening leisurely walk along with my only best friend, my twin. Rambling on and on, we had walked on the shore until our legs could step no more. Sometimes wading through the waves, munching on popcorns, or on the sand, barefoot.

Life, then was full of excitement and thrill as I was moving out of the town to pursue a career course. High aims lay ahead of me to be achieved and dreams, to be chased. Bursting out with zeal, I had chosen my path of life completely unaware that I would be returning to the shore one day, all lifeless, left with one question, was this life?

This is my contribution to Sunday Photo Fiction, word count 200

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