All women at least once in her lifetime is at the crossroads with the big question looming tall before them – career or family. Prioritizing becomes difficult. Quite obviously, a woman chooses the former over the later. This often is the time when she is at the peak of her career. Without further thought, she gives in to the situation and heads for the bold decision of quitting her dream job. Quitting a job she had held for so long can be liberating for some time. The initial excitement is always there but with the changing times and situations, soon it can become intimidating.

If you are one among those women, before plunging into the decision, here is the checklist before you quit your job:

1. Is quitting the only option you have?

If your job, which you love, is interfering with your family responsibilities, then tweak your routine a little. Team up with your partner and if needed, take help from the others in your family. Hire a cook or organize a childcare. Avail the benefits which are easily available around and try easing out your life as this is a temporary phase which will pass by soon. You are on your way to building your career. Do not let the petty issues ruin your dreams.

2. Consider the financial aspects

Financial independence is what every woman strive for. Earning all these years, you had been a support to your family. Quitting your job can put on some financial pressures. Find an alternative source as per your convenience. Work from home if possible. Explore the possibilities.

3. Be prepared for the new begin

By choosing to quit your job, you have set some expectations and conditions for yourself – to be a genius in managing your kids, to be on the top in managing the entire household, to be an excellent cook and the list is never ending. Prepare yourself mentally, as managing the house and the kids are the most stressful jobs.

4. The overwhelming transition phase

A transition from one lifestyle to the other can be time-consuming and a difficult phase. The set pattern has to change in every little way. You need to take control of the household, kids and the family. Confining to the four walls of your home may be grueling. Patience, perseverance, and endurance are the key elements to navigate through this tough time.

5. Integrate some activities that you love

Soon after the initial excitement fading away, you face boredom. Before it hits you, take action. Take up some activities that you wished to do and never had the time. Start working on your passion. Fill up your ideal time with some learning.

In today’s materialistic world, it is not just the financial fulfillment. People have been looking beyond to pursue a life with passion and purpose. Ultimately what counts in life, is your happiness. Therefore, you have to define your happiness and give it wings. Make a smart choice. Be a perfect homemaker and live your dream life!

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