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16 Procedures of Daily Worship and the Processes

Hinduism which finds its roots in India is one of the most ancient religions and constitutes many ancient religious practices and beliefs. Unlike most other religious practices, Hinduism acknowledges various deities resembling various divine forces. A religion

What is Reiki Healing and How is it practiced?

Today, with the competitions all around, stuck in the rat race, none is left with time for oneself. With everything available in just a click away, the ever-evolving technologies have changed the lifestyle. Mankind, in their pursuit

10 scientific significance behind Hindu traditions

Traditions in the past days were just superstitions and mere practices. Today, with the emergence of scientific explanations, tradition and customs have found new definitions. Science aligning with spirituality, people no more follow the traditions and customs

Five tips to start out on your spiritual journey

Life, in its passing phase, hit us to a rock bottom. After fighting and struggling to overcome, we enter into the realm of spirituality. While for some, it is one’s own way to find peace in life.

Top 10 simple and easy Vaastu Shastra tips for homes

It is amazing how tiny tweaks to our daily routine by integrating easy Vaastu Shastra tips for homes can become a catalyst for our happiness. A comfortable, peaceful and successful life is what we all wish to

Top five reasons to spiritual practice in our daily lives

The fast moving world has made our life excessively complicated.  The ever-evolving technology has not just been tempting but has been overpowering us with all its fancies.  Adapting ourselves to the changes around, we have come so