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Directions for the future – The book on Social Impact of Hindu Scriptures

Reading is one activity that tremendously impacts us. Fiction books dive us deep into an imaginary world and strike a chord connecting us with the fictitious characters. Non-fiction helps us with relevant information. Apart from these two,

How Does Science and Spirituality Meet?

Since times unknown, the celestial bodies in the sky has fascinated men who time and again have tried to decipher how the stars can help map the events and occurring of future. Men have been intrigued by

Six Important Hindu Festivals and their Mythological Significance

Hinduism is an extremely diverse religion. It has numerous sects, each with their own unique religious practices and methods. Hindu festivals thus are naturally variegated each resembling a different cultural diversity and celebration methods. Festivals in India

What is the importance of Birthstones in Healing Process?

Since ancient times, many historic stories and folklores have validated the use and benefits of birthstones. Birthstones were believed to be enriched with mystical healing powers. Even in today’s world people widely believe that birthstones have immense

Eight Simple Feng Shui Practices for our Daily Lives

Feng shui practices is an age old philosophical practice which inculcates some basic and simple habits to enhance life in more ways than one. A good flow of energy and a properly organized environment can really alter

What is Self-healing and how is it practiced?

Till a couple of hundreds of years back, healing both the mind and body was a standard practice as it was believed a lot of physical ailments stems from the mind too. Self-healing is a prevalent process

What is Hypnosis and Past Life Regression

Hypnosis is a prevalent procedure where a hypnotherapist analyses and documents your subconscious by helping you reach a relaxed state of mind and asking you a series of questions. We have often heard about hypnosis and past

Five Methods to Cast off Evil Eyes

The concept of Evil eyes is widely popular across the globe and is generally referred to unprecedented misfortunes, ailments, and injuries caused by the envious stares or jealousy of other people. Scientifically it finds an explanation too

How Does Gems and Stones Help Healing

Gems and stones have been said to have immense healing abilities and are commonly used since times of Mayan civilization. There are quite a few varieties of gems and each has their own distinct powers and abilities

Five Spiritual Healing Methods

Spiritual healing is often practiced by a number of sects and people belonging to various faiths. The general concept of spiritual healing is to reach out to God, or a superior power by means of faith, praying,