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Six Simple Ways to Stop Overthinking

Life is never devoid of problems. Some are subtle, while some are so major that they test out mettle and mental strength. Irrespective of how big or small a problem is and whether the solution to it

Four Ways to Deal with Yourself When Life is Out of Control

The only thing constant about life is change. It is very important to remember this always as we gradually go on overburdening ourselves with work, family, friends, relationships and a horde of other responsibilities. Often we find

Four Simple Ways to Slow Down in Life

With every passing day, people are becoming fast-paced in order to finish at a better position in life’s rat race. What we forget is no matter how much we focus and struggle for it if we come

Five Reasons to be emotionally Self-Sufficient

Being emotionally self-sufficient might seem like an alien concept but it is one of the most effective and beautiful ways to live your life and enjoy it. Emotional dependency is common amongst people where they depend on

How To Deal With your Overwhelming Emotions

There are times in our life when we feel intense mixed emotions rushing at once. Triggers could be the deadline for the target for an employee or an examination date or announcement of result for a student

Five Effective Ways to Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is something most of us are accustomed to. While many shake off the feeling easily, some find it devastatingly difficult to beat procrastination and get on with their daily work. Putting things off for later is

Four Easy Tips to Become a Go-Getter

Success is not all about perseverance and hard-work. Even though these are inevitable qualities in a successful person, what matters the most is their attitude. A motivated person, with a go-getter attitude, can be a lethal combination

Five Effective Ways to Get Out of the Rut

Being stuck in a rut for a prolonged period of time really takes its toll on our life – both personally and in terms of career. Do you often find yourself stuck in a repetitive mechanical cycle

15 symptoms of a midlife crisis

People often experience some strange unfathomable emotions at one point of their life. No matter how hard they try, they hit rock bottom. It can be during the late twenties or thirties or even in forties, depending

How to stay motivated in life

In every aspect of our lives, motivation is the key. Motivation results in the excellent output. Most often, our plans go haywire and we become clueless and lost. Accepting it as a way of life, we go