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How to turn around your life from zero to hero

The very interpretation of zero is void, the utter absence of anything and everything. It is referred to the emptiness in mathematics. And in physics, it is an equilibrium state, a state where there is no motion.

15 Amazing little ways to find Inspiration in our everyday lives

Do you find yourself stuck? Find yourself bored and aimless? Even your favourite activities seem to be boring? If your answer for any or all of the above is yes, then it is a clear indication of

Five important lessons we learn from superheroes of our lives

During our childhood days, most of us looked up to someone. The majority of us, looked up at heroes on televisions, let us admit. We all had wished wildly to be that superhero with that superpower –

Five effective ways to re-evaluate, revamp and revive our goal list

Life is all about challenges. We, human beings are always ambitious and have our goals at every step. Striving for excellence, we push our boundaries and stretch our limits to reach our goals. Once accomplished, we look

How to turn your life around into a life well lived ?

“If given an opportunity to rewind and do over your life back to a particular moment that you regret now for the decision you have taken back then, what would you do?” My hard-hit-teen child asked while

Six Benefits of Self reflection and Introspection

I was once advised by my professor to maintain a personal diary. According to her, that way, one could talk to oneself without disturbing anyone. Whatever you have done throughout your entire day, if written down somewhere,

How to live a meaningful and fulfilling life?

What is Life? What is Happiness? Haven’t we all asked ourselves these at some point in our life? Some of the brave few have even garnered the courage to Google it. Maybe that kind of a search

Top Six Ways to Know Your True Calling in Life

Knowing your true calling in life is not an easy task at all. Most of us spend years and sometimes an entire lifetime not knowing what our one true calling is. Either, we are too occupied with

Six Powerful Ways to Put Your Past behind You

When you come out of a relationship, the most important thing is to keep yourself positive. Most of us try but somehow get stuck.  They keep reminiscing about the past – thus making it more and more

Tips and Tricks to Attract Success in Life

We often read about success stories of noteworthy people and wonder how life would be if we were that successful. What we read and side track is the struggle prior their achievements. Everyone wants to achieve success