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Surprise – Little surprises of nature sometimes go unnoticed Little surprises that nature shows up go unnoticed many a times. 

How important it is to feel Secured in life ?

The Daily post prompt -Security, what is it to feel secured in life? Security is a feeling of safety and

My Reflections on 2016 – Eventful with lot of hu...

Happy New year to all my lovely readers. Another year has passed never to return. And as always, a new

What would be your idea of evolved human beings?

Born helpless, we are dependent. As children, we learn by watching and mimicking people around us. Social skills, responsibilities, and

My lessons of life until now

Time flies, doesn’t it? It only feels like yesterday the new year began and we’ve already come to the end

Retrospection : Before I Dive into 2017

As we wade into the exciting first week of 2017, the looming new promises, the new hopes, new aspirations and

What if questions of our lives?

A Bend in the Road by Nicholas Sparks was the book which was due to return in two days. Hurrying

How to turn around your life from zero to hero

The very interpretation of zero is void, the utter absence of anything and everything. It is referred to the emptiness

15 Amazing little ways to find Inspiration in our ...

Do you find yourself stuck? Find yourself bored and aimless? Even your favourite activities seem to be boring? If your

Five important lessons we learn from superheroes o...

During our childhood days, most of us looked up to someone. The majority of us, looked up at heroes on