Silence, a deafening silenceScaring me to the coreLosing me from my path, from myselfWith every passing event. Not an unexpected

I am or Am I?

With tasks accomplishingTargets and goals blurredWere those my responsibilitiesOr my dreams fulfilled? With meticulous planning and executionEvery minutia broke its

Rhythm of Life

Caged in a cageless cageLife reckoning and beckoningEventful, uncomplicated and happeningReining reins to my tunes. Sand, stone, rain, and breezeAll

My Prized Possession

Changing cities and I have been the best of friends in recent years following husband around his various postings. Just

Chaos – 100 Word Challenge

She shuddered. She screamed. A silent scream. The gnawing despair and helplessness she suffered since years now gorged her up.

How your whatApp status can come to your rescue?

It’s been quite a long time since I posted last. My apologies to all my readers for this long gap.

Top five reasons why people judge?

“When you judge people, you do not define them, you define yourself.” Wayne Dyer There are some people in my

Fleeting moments of life – The daily prompt

Life is a journey, not a destination. This is one such adage that we often hear and read. But, if

How does reading books help us ?

Books today, have become a constant companion and a favourite time pass to most of the people. Right from kids

What is it to watch the wonderful starry night sky...

Indispire Post – Wonderful starry night sky The Past is always beautiful. It becomes an integral part of our lives