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Sunday Photo Fiction, 200 word count – That Hug

Sunday Photo Fiction, 200 word count – That Hug The car stopped. She got down. He did not seem to stir from his seat. For him nothing had changed. She was only his friend. But her world

Sunday Photo Fiction – Strange surprises of life

Strange surprises of Life ‘Thanks to the technology that helped us connect,’ as I typed the words, my thoughts delved deep into my memory lane, taking me back to my good old days of college. The small

Who is a soulmate – is it the person who we love?

I grew up watching films and reading novels. And it was during the late eighties and early nineties when love stories were based on deep emotions with the commitments set in cement and with the fascinating everlasting

Seven effective ways to deal with a manipulative partner

Daylong chats, a detailed description of likes-dislikes, food to clothes, social media uploads with huge flowery captions is what and how intense relationships are today. Often this obsession in the name of profound love leads to the

Four Interpretations of Love at Different Phases of Life

Relationships change over time and so does how we interpret love. From exchanging those first glances to the note of “Till death do us apart”, a relationship is always changing in its own sweet but complicated ways.

Do We Really Fall in Love?

Relationships are complicated. Two people trying to know each other inside out, spending a lot of time together trying to understand each other.  And contemplating about if the relationship is headed towards a long-term commitment or not.

Seven Things Every Man Should Know About Women

Every man should know about women some certain basic things based on observation. What annoys a woman and what makes her happy is a whole different level of debate altogether though. We often hear men claiming that

Four Important Stages of Relationship Development

A relationship is basically a cycle of the complicated process running over a due course of time.  It gradually leads to a concrete substantial form. Somewhere between exchanging those first glances and dividing household chores, there is

Five Warning Signs of a Commitment Phobic

Commitment phobic people are afraid of serious commitments. They are often in an emotional conflict due to some or the other reason. People often easily confuse a commitment phobic person with one ignoring you. Both are extremely

Four Warning signs of an ending relationship

Often it is difficult to understand the stages of a relationship. While you glide through the phases, transition sometimes becomes tough and often is something natural. This is a subtle warning that often surfaces only when the