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Logical Explanations Missing!

As he turned one, he learnt to stand up, holding Turning two, he spoke in grunts By the time he was three he was hyperactive At the age of four, he seemed to be restless Something amiss!

February the month of stress and strain – For students and parents as well

February – month of stress for students and parents The countdown has already begun for all the students. February the month of stress has been ticking faster than usual. Especially for those who will be appearing for

How To Team In Your Teenager As A Part Of The Family

Teenage is one of the most severe phases of our lives. The age between 13 and 19 is the time of puberty, periods, “serious relationships” and what not. It’s the time of middle and high schools, where

What is emotional and identity development in teens?

The journey from ‘What I am’ to ‘what I want to become’ is what we call adolescence. This is the phase when teenagers take baby steps towards becoming an adult. They feel a strong urge to make

What is the Most Effective Parenting Styles today and why?

Every parent and kid would unanimously agree that involvement of a parent in the kid’s life is extremely necessary. This ensures a proper guidance and direction in life for the child, immensely aiding the parent-child relationship and

Three Important Steps on how to focus on Kid’s potential

We often have the misconception that some children are born to excel.  While some children do not have what it takes to succeed in life. What we are judging when saying so is their results, probably academic.

Six Reasons to Include a Household Chore for Your Child

You, as parent often include a household chore for your child from an early age. This helps them in their house chores but also keep children busy doing something productive. Parents often sit down work around a

Five Powerful Ways to Teach Children about Money

Financial struggle is a legitimate problem faced by many today as they fail to manage and plan their finances properly. Evidently, teaching children about something that grown-ups often fail to process is not an easy task but

How to : Parenting a Child with Mild Disorder

Every child is unique and absolutely special in their own way. Ask parents whose child is battling mild disorders, they will tell you that if anything, special needs of children with mild disorders makes them even more

Six Ways to Give Your Child Positive Attention

Parents want their children to learn from their mistakes and accordingly try to discipline them as they are growing up. Most parents confuse discipline as a punishment when their young one does something wrong.  In reality, discipline