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Why I write ?

Why do I write? A few years back, not so long ago I was lost in the midst of chaos Unsure of whatever I did Of choices and of decisions Full of regrets and complaints. I picked

Self-absorbed or Self-obsession ?

Self-absorbed or Self-obsession? Mrs. L was waiting for this day A big day indeed for her A weekly outing with friends Who all are more than a decade younger to her For self, she looks way too

Where To…?

Where To…? The years rushed past Leaving behind experiences and lessons To such an extent That helped me live life to the fullest Filling memorable moments and joyful events. Not a straight smooth trajectory though, But was

My Three Kids

My Three Kids Three kids I have Two daughters and a son. Can anybody imagine The plight of the Parents? No. Not both. It is only the mother’s in this case. Because the father has always been

I know not

I know not I know not what I am in search of All I can understand is there is something more More to what, I do not know But I keep moving on and on and on.

Do you too feel…

Do you too feel … Is it only me or do you feel too The strange unrest, A deep sense of dissatisfaction, The missed chances lost opportunities Life, so unhappening. The unsettling, unfulfilled and unsightly Emotions, incidences,

Do you Ever Exist?

Do you ever exist? The silent screams The shackled freedom The ignored passion Fairly counting on every happening The soul has trodden paths. Fulfilling every responsibility To the best of its ability Some smooth, some rough while