Emotions… LeashedTrappedShackledBoundWaiting To be freed. OutragingOverwhelmingScreamingExhibitedPruned to be in check. SilencedHushedSuppressedUnheededExpecting to be addressed. ConfusedCluelessHystericPsychicNeeding to be attended. Expectations, needs,

He, She and We

He, She and We Finally, I cleared my loan, he saidIs it, she questioned firstAnd then came an appreciation, that’s

Unconditional and Selfless

Unconditional and Selfless At first, there was a debateObjections, from her and him as wellWorking out ways, dishing out ideasThey

You and Me

You and Me Nine months is quite a big durationTo bond with each otherHearing to what was going aroundFeeling the

Why I write ?

Why do I write? A few years back, not so long agoI was lost in the midst of chaosUnsure of

Self-absorbed or Self-obsession ?

Self-absorbed or Self-obsession? Mrs. L was waiting for this dayA big day indeed for herA weekly outing with friendsWho all

Where To…?

Where To…? The years rushed pastLeaving behind experiences and lessonsTo such an extentThat helped me live life to the fullestFilling

My Three Kids

My Three Kids Three kids I haveTwo daughters and a son.Can anybody imagineThe plight of the Parents?No. Not both. It

I know not

I know not I know not what I am in search ofAll I can understand is there is something moreMore

Do you too feel…

Do you too feel… Is it only me or do you feel tooThe strange unrest,A deep sense of dissatisfaction,The missed