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Hide and Seek

I wish I could record those unexpected moments The moments that enlightened me with thoughts One of its kind, unique, genuine, tranquil and unusual What can become my inspiration in my need. My mind just cannot jaunt

A New End

Claiming the cozy corner Savouring aromatic blends Enjoying the soft music Serenading at the background I did not pretend that I enjoyed. Staring your gaze shamelessly Watching your unusual genuine emotions Smiling and steady I was all

Sweet Bitter Forgetfulness

Sweet Bitter Forgetfulness “Won’t you be home for dinner?” She asked “Nope, I have a party tonight,” he said and disconnected the call. Mom, Gonna have dinner with friends, her mobile beeped Okay dear. Be careful. I’ll

Sunday Photo Fiction – The end

He called out for her for, for his morning tea. She was neither to be seen nor be heard. But he was yet to know about the wreck. The wait would not be long now, she thought

Sunday photo fiction – Part 3

It seemed to be one of the longest and scariest nights to her. The heavy rains had engulfed the town by now. Confusions had almost settled. Perching herself on the balcony railing she glanced in both the

The most important question in life

The cool pleasant silence of the house seeped into every cell of her being. This was her, ‘me time’, the time to introspect about dodged situations of life, guilt rides, regrets, unfulfillments, and discontentment. Walking to her most

Sunday Photo Fiction – Part 2

One by one, events surfaced as she struggled to recollect. “Terrace organic gardening!?” He had questioned her before breaking into ripples of laughter learning about her new-found interest. “, What’s so funny about it?” she had retorted

Sunday Photo Fiction – Bicycles

She raised herself up, holding the railings. The downpour continued from the dark sky. But something amiss! She looked around. The cycles were parked as it was, a while ago. What was happening, her mind struggled to

Women’s day

Dearest Self, It’s been a long time Since we last met It’s me, hope you remember Your long-forgotten self. Dancing to the tunes of times Tending to the needs of your dear ones You did not tire


Emotions Emotions Leashed Trapped Shackled Bound Waiting To be freed.   Outraging Overwhelming Screaming Exhibited Pruned to be limited. Leave us with Regrets Complaints Embarrassments And fulfillment. But when demarcations blur Hysteric Psychic Confused Clueless Keeps us