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Case Study : How important is letting go of the past to move ahead

Relationship Case Study In the world of competition and hardcore skepticism, one thing that remains unadulterated and unchanging is the yearning for a special feeling to sweep off one’s feet. No matter what age and stage of

Case Study : Problems faced by women today – Career or family

Case study related to women issues Ashwini’s successful career of twelve years ended with her kids growing into teens and preteens. The compelling situation of deciding was painful though, considering the merits Ashwini compromised with her career.

Parenting: How peer pressures affects teenagers

Parenting Case Study: Sohini was moved to a hostel at the age of 14. It was a new world for her. Being away from her parents was a new freedom. While freedom was a plus, stringent rules

Parenting – Little things in our daily lives matters the most

Parenting Case Study: Siri is a homemaker, married to Venkatesh and is a mother of two girls, Megha and Soumya. Both the girls are brilliant in whatever they choose to do. Megha was a third-year medical student

Case Study: Parenting strong willed children

Parenting Case Study : Anjali quit her job and chose to be a homemaker soon after she conceived. Her husband Vikram went up the career ladder with increasing responsibility and could never have time for his family.

Uncertainties and unpredictability in Adoptions

Adoption Case study Rekha and Madhav were unable to bear a child and hence chose adoption to build their family. A poor couple, agreed to place their child for adoption. The woman who had just conceived became

Medical examination of a child in Adoption

Adoption Case Study Vishnu was born to a poor couple. Unable to bring up the child, they chose to put him up for adoption. A childless couple came forward and adopted the toddler. Well settled and highly

Does genetic components of traits in Adoption really matter?

Adoption Case Study Kritika is an adopted child of Priya and Kiran. With Kiran’s limited time for the family and with their elder daughter turning sixteen; they chose to adopt Kritika to help Priya keep herself busy.

Case study : How spirituality practice in our daily lives help ?

Case study : Spiritual Practice Radhika’s successful career of fifteen years started becoming stressful with long working hours. Adding on to that, after her return from work, managing kids, family, and other responsibilities was taking a toll

Case study: Parenting children with mild disorders

Parenting children with mild disorders Vaidansh is a thirteen-year-old boy. His day always starts with grumbles for n-number of reasons. First and the foremost, it is because he was woken up, second, for chasing him brush his