Case Study : Problems faced by women today – Career or family

Case study related to women issues

Ashwini’s successful career of twelve years ended with her kids growing into teens and preteens. The compelling situation of deciding was painful though, considering the merits Ashwini compromised with her career.

The sudden change in the lifestyle took some time to set in her life. However, soon, helping kids with their homework, projects, and assignments, and with household chores, accepting the new lifestyle wasn’t difficult for her. Days turning into months, months into years, Time flew. Kids passed out with flying colours and stepped onto another phase of their life. They were quite independent and a little of guidance and support was all they needed from their mother.

Days now turned to be stress-free and easier to handle and now, Ashwini had all the time with her. Her world that revolved around her kids and family suddenly had taken a steep turn. Never, she had imagined she would have to face such days. Puzzled, confused and regretting quitting her career, unable to come to terms, a couple of years went by. In an effort to keep herself occupied, she integrated daily walks, exercises, and spirituality in her daily routine. But soon the initial excitement faded away, lapsing her back to her ill feelings. The self-help book, elaborated worships too did not help her much.

Does every woman come across such situation? Or is it only me? She wondered. She started observing closely all the other women around her. Gradually, it dawned on her that, her high expectations of herself refrained her from being happy and satisfied. She had to take control of her life. But how? She was clueless.

A couple of years went by in trying to know the purpose of her life. Finally, she came up with a solution. She had to start her career anew. Exploring the possibilities, she stepped into a new field of taking up outsourced jobs. Each day was a new struggle with new challenges.

Eventually, one after another, she started taking up new projects. As the volume of work increased, she hired people. It took some time for her to know the industry and she even failed a couple of times. But within three years, she had a stable income.

Analysis :

Ashwini took the right decision at the right time. However, she had her share of difficulties without which she would not have achieved what she was today. Her initial tough times compelled her to look beyond and the result was her new venture. Challenges were what she loved and she figured it out for herself.


One of the pressing women issues of today is choosing between a career and family.  One needs to break through the preset norms by either the society or by yourself to achieve your own expectations. Right decision at the right time is most important in life. Everything that happens has a cause and a consequence. Acceptance of the fact opens the door for opportunities. Risks and challenges are what make life interesting. Figuring out what is required for you is important for a purposeful life. Each one of us has our own definitions for a happy life.

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