Case Study: Parenting strong willed children

Parenting Case Study :

Anjali quit her job and chose to be a homemaker soon after she conceived. Her husband Vikram went up the career ladder with increasing responsibility and could never have time for his family. Siddarth was born. And four years later came Aditi. Life seemed more of responsibilities unlike what she had imagined. With the initial passion fading away, pulling on the years, looking after her two kids and family, Anjali started feeling frustrated. Taking up a job she felt could help her in some way.

Siddarth, the eleven-year-old, returns home after the school along with his little sister at 3.30 pm. He takes the responsibility of serving the food, which is ready on the table. Both have their lunch and get on with their homework as instructed by their mother. As always, it is at 5.30 Siddarth jolts from his deep post-lunch sleep at the sound of the doorbell. Smiling at the little faces of his friends, peeping from the windows he opens the door. Hurriedly he wakes his sister and along with her goes to play. He hates when he has to go to his tuition classes at 6.30 pm. Somehow, making up his mind he drags himself to the classes, which is a few step away from his house.

As always, his homework was incomplete. But this day, he excused himself saying that he would get the book from his house and never returned back. Time ticked 7.30 pm. Anjali returned from work. Siddarth wasn’t home. There wasn’t any sign of him playing nearby. Anjali called up the tuition teacher. “He went back home in the middle of the class,” the teacher responded.

He had been to the tuition class, his friends replied. Vikram returned home hearing the news. Time was ticking and by the time the security guards and the police were informed, it was 10.30. The search went on until midnight. At four in the morning, one of the guards spotted the little body sleeping in a nearby garden. The child was brought home. Advises, suggestions poured in from the crowd. As soon as the crowd dispersed, the blame game began between the couple, and then followed the heated arguments.

Analysis :

In the above case, Vikarm, Anjali and the child were all wrong though, if thought logically, considering the situation, each one of them acted what felt right for them at that point in time. Frustrated Anjali thought of a job to keep her busy. Vikram chose to be the primary bread earner and so was his struggle at work and Siddarth was unable to cope with the burden. However, Anjali, being wise, could have thought of other options to keep herself busy instead of taking up a full-time job. And Vikram, could have spent some time with his family. The couple together could have handled the matter maturely than the blame game.


Both the parents are equally responsible for shaping up the future of the kids. Parents have to stretch their limits and face the challenges boldly instead of giving into the situations. In the above case, the child’s ability to decide and to be firm on his decision shows how strong willed child he is. Quite obviously, it is the outcome of positive parenting.

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