Case study : How spirituality practice in our daily lives help ?

Case study : Spiritual Practice

Radhika’s successful career of fifteen years started becoming stressful with long working hours. Adding on to that, after her return from work, managing kids, family, and other responsibilities was taking a toll on her life. Her, once happy and satisfied life, turning into mundane routine and dull life, frustrations had set in deeply affecting her health, physically and mentally. Whatever she chose to do, never resulted in her a favourable outcome. What, when, why and how things went wrong? She wondered. Everything for her was so perfect and now suddenly nothing seemed to be right.

From dawn to dusk, she tried hard to put back the things into right places. But her struggle were all in vain. Situation rather worsened more than before. She felt, she was left with the only option of quitting her job to take charge. More so, she had lost interest in her career.

With the new change of life style, a year went by, but nothing much changed. One morning, she came up with a sudden decision of leaving the city and changing her ambiance. She tried all her might to implement her plans. The harder she tried life knocked her down. She was always the one who never gave up easily, but in the prevailing conditions, all she could do was, surrender herself to the situation than fighting it. She could feel, depression was hitting her hard. Tired to the core, emotionally drained, with her health deteriorating, she started calling her mother for support. ‘Believe in HIM, Chant hymns,’ came her mother’s suggestion. She followed her mother blindly. But gradually she started feeling good. It was the right time to embark on her spiritual journey, she sensed. How? She was clueless.

She had to take a plunge. Without much further ado, she registered herself for a two-day Pranic healing workshop. This was indeed a big decision in her life as it became her life changing event.

The first day of the workshop, as the session began with introduction, a new energy started filling in her being. Time flew and the two-day workshop passed by in the blink of an eye. A complete transformation had overpowered her, she realized.

There, she had got a grip and spiritual practice added on her new routine. Eventually there was a sea change in her life. Unlike her past few months, she was all active and enthusiastic. The new energy in her brought in dedication and commitment to life bringing a purpose to each day. Turning each day successful, grabbing the opportunity, she started living the life of her dreams.


In the above case, Radhika stepping into her midlife never realized that it was her midlife crisis. Instead of accepting the fact, she was more struggling to fight against the odds. It was then when she became helpless, she chose the spiritual path.


No matter how hard we try, it is only at the right time things start working. Same is the case with our destiny too. There is always a time, a place and a reason for any situation to take place. Spirituality too has its own time to play its influencing role.

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