Case Study : How important is letting go of the past to move ahead

Relationship Case Study

In the world of competition and hardcore skepticism, one thing that remains unadulterated and unchanging is the yearning for a special feeling to sweep off one’s feet. No matter what age and stage of life people are in, everyone needs to be loved and valued. And it becomes a necessity during midlife when life seems to be at the fag end. Stuck in a rut, aggressive and arrogant to more forward, when life comes to a standstill, people are on the outlook for some changes. Amit, a married man with two children was at the crossroads when he met Sofia, much younger than him.

Sofia was swept off her feet when Amit showered his charms on her. Experienced and matured, successful and smart, he knew what women look for exactly in a man and he was all in abundance with those for his Sofia. She topped on his priority than his family, kids, wife and parents. His world had changed overnight. The sudden change in her husband’s behavior was a clear clue to Maya that their marriage was at risk.

Fifteen years of her marriage was at stake. She had to take action. She tried with all her might. Her screaming and yelling gave him more opportunities to be away from her, from home and from children. Things weren’t working out. She had to calm down. Financially dependent on him, having kids, she was not in a position to even think about divorce. Giving a break to herself she was able to accept the fact that it was her responsibility to save her marriage. Her perspective had now changed. She could go to any extent to save her marriage. After all, she knew, it was to her he has to come back and situation cannot be the same always. Changing times brings a lot of changes around. Days were painful for her without moral support. She could neither discuss it with anyone nor take actions.
Gradually, days started changing. She was right. It was now her turn to be an opportunist; after all, it was her family. She took charge and started her life anew. She worked on her weaknesses and kept a strict check on her emotions, just to make things work smoothly. Soon, life fell back to its track.

Analysis :

In the above case, Maya’s patience and determination helped her to overcome the problem. But there always will be in her the hidden pain of rejection. The trust factor, being the most important element in every relationship we share, is damaged. She neither can forget nor forgive Amit. However, with the passing days, with the changing times, the pain can heal. Amit, on the other hand, was sure an opportunist. Had he identified his midlife crisis, life would have been much better. He would not have lost his respect in his family.


Letting go of the past is important to move ahead. Holding on to the grudges especially in marriage damage the future. Ebbs and flows are two faces of life. Going with the flow is wisdom.

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