My Money – 100 Word Challenge

My Money Treading a fine line between your money, my money and ours, they stumbled into the latter. Two decades

Chaos – 100 Word Challenge

She shuddered. She screamed. A silent scream. The gnawing despair and helplessness she suffered since years now gorged her up.

Am I responsible?

I often hit the crossroadsIn the journey of parentingNot while I brought up my two darling daughtersBut during bringing up

Hide and Seek

I wish I could record those unexpected momentsThe moments that enlightened me with thoughtsOne of its kind, unique, genuine, tranquil

A New End

Claiming the cozy cornerSavouring aromatic blendsEnjoying the soft musicSerenading at the backgroundI did not pretend that I enjoyed. Staring your

Are we what we pretend to be?

Dully, she watched him as he wobbled his way toward the bed.  As was usual, without any preamble, he grabbed

A Thoughtful Reflection

Self-doubt is something which has troubled me the most, most of my lifetime, for anything and everything I did, or

Sweet Bitter Forgetfulness

Sweet Bitter Forgetfulness “Won’t you be home for dinner?” She asked“Nope, I have a party tonight,” he said and disconnected

Sunday Photo Fiction – The end

He called out for her for, for his morning tea. She was neither to be seen nor be heard. But

Sunday photo fiction – Part 3

It seemed to be one of the longest and scariest nights to her. The heavy rains had engulfed the town by now.