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10 ways to understand your adopted child

Adoption journey begins long before the child arrives. It precisely begins at the very moment the adoptive parents decide to adopt. The adoptive parents anxiously wait for their new child. Unfortunately, their initial happiness soon fades away

Health issues of Adopted Children, the main concern

Health issues of adopted children, both mental and physical is of great concern. The development of the child begins with the fetus development in the mother’s womb. Apart from the genetic endowment, it is also the nutrition

Pros and Cons of adopting toddlers

Raising an adopted child is full of challenges all the time.  It can never end. The battle is an ongoing task for the parents and the child as well, be it the daily routines or any other

Adoption process and procedures followed in India

Adoption is a one of the biggest decision of life.  It is a life-changing event for the adoptive parents, the child and for the entire family.  Today, many couples have been considering adoption. With the ever-evolving process

Six important tips that help you decide about child adoption

If you are planning to pursue child adoption, then here are the tips that help you decide. Parenting is a beautiful journey of life. It needs a lot of investment in terms of time, emotions, energy, and

What is life after 40?

Yes, this is how it has to be, I reassured myself after getting my new wardrobe collections. I spent hours rearranging the new set of clothes. Added to those were my collection of nail paints, glosses, and

Five Effective ways to overcome fears and emerge as a winner

“There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.”  ― Paulo Coelho How often we regret for certain things we haven’t done in life. We dwell in those moments and

Six Smart Ways to Get Your Work Done : Women

Corporate world was once said to be an industry dominated by men – but women have stood up, fought their way into the corporate sector and are doing amazingly well. Women often say it is hard to

How to Get Over the Feeling of Being Used : Women

Many women have gone through this phase of feeling used by other men. It leaves a sickening feeling at the core of your heart and leaves a greasy pit in the stomach. Figuring out that you have

Seven Effective Ways to Figure out Your Future

The future is something most of us are really concerned about. We don’t know where we will end up and spend a lot of time contemplating about things that will gradually pave the path to the future