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Five Powerful tips for parenting teen daughters

Your charming daughter who until recently obeyed your words without questioning is now responding with a sullen ‘yes’.  Moreover, who until now was watching a television show and chatting with a friend suddenly has to complete her

Five effective ways to deal with challenges of parenting today

Challenges of parenting today are a lot different than it was a decade ago. Unlike today, the word parenting never had been a topic of discussion. In the recent years, it has become a buzz word and

Eating disorder in Adopted Children and how to handle them?

Eating disorder in adopted children are issues which include but not restricted to binge eating. Throwing up after meals, following extremely rigid diets etc. are also some of them what can stem from a number of issues. 

Can an Adopted Child Truly Live a Happy Life?

While going through an adoption, the adoptive parents often go through a number of concerns. And the same applies to the birth parents. When putting a child up for adoption, the biggest concern is, how can be

How Much Does an Adopted Child Fit in the Family?

One of the biggest concerns of adoptive parents is whether the adopted child fit in the family. No matter how confident they are and how excited they are, they tend to look at the child and wonder

Five Developmental Stages of an Adopted Child

Adoptions sound great. But the whole process of nurturing a baby to a toddler, to a grown up person is a complicated process. Developmental stages of an adopted child navigate through a number of phases. These although

Six Crucial Things Adopted Kids Must Know by Age 6

Adoption talk is something more or less all parents dread having with their children. They often think putting their children through details about adoption at an early age is over-burdening them unnecessarily. Some parents also dread how

Three Important Things Never to Expect from Adopted Children

An adoption is a life-changing event not only for the children but also for the adopting parents. It is a complex process where the child has to undergo a complete change in his surroundings. It is very

Four Reasons for Post-Adoption Support

Adopting a child is a very big event in your life, one of the happiest ones. You are bringing home a child.  It may seem that with love and affection, there will never be a problem post-adoption,

How and when to tell about adoption to your child

Adoption brings a loving family, a home to an orphan. A loving child to parents. Life is like a coin having both sides. Happiness follows sadness, love follows hate. Likewise, adoption has its brighter and darker sides.

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