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Five Powerful Ways to Teach Children about Money

Financial struggle is a legitimate problem faced by many today as they fail to manage and plan their finances properly. Evidently, teaching children about something that grown-ups often fail to process is not an easy task but

How to : Parenting a Child with Mild Disorder

Every child is unique and absolutely special in their own way. Ask parents whose child is battling mild disorders, they will tell you that if anything, special needs of children with mild disorders makes them even more

Six Ways to Give Your Child Positive Attention

Parents want their children to learn from their mistakes and accordingly try to discipline them as they are growing up. Most parents confuse discipline as a punishment when their young one does something wrong.  In reality, discipline

Four effective ways to Deal with Teen Drama

If you often feel that you have seen competitive performances in your house when watching a classic dramatic scene in a movie, you are probably parenting a teenager. How to deal with teen drama, seems the biggest

How to spend time with your teens during vacation

Teenage is an age of change, growth, vitality and development. During this period the personality of the child shapes up. Hence, handle it with care. Vacation is a great time to engage them in some useful activities.

Six Must-do things being parent of a teenager

Teenage is a very sensitive time in the life of a child.  And being a parent of a teenager is one of the most challenging tasks.  They might come up with such demands, which might be sometimes

Five Strategies for Raising a Smart Child

There are no hard strategies for raising a smart child. Parents opt for the best educational institution, best provisions, better facilities etc. for their children. Parents cater to their children’s every need and ensure in whatever ways

How to handle teen peer pressure

What is Peer pressure? Each one of us struggles to fit in ourselves in the group with whom we spend most of our time in a day. Appreciation, attention, and importance, is what everyone strives for. And,

Seven Effective Ways to Keep Your Child Busy During Holidays

Holidays are something we all look forward to – children and adults alike. With all the time in hand, holidays serve as the best time for parents to bond with their children. While parents love to let

How to deal with a lying teenager

One of the most common problem in teenagers is lying.  Smart parenting is the key. Teenagers easy and the only way to find an escaping path are by lying. Teen years of a child are the most

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