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Four Important Stages of Relationship Development

A relationship is basically a cycle of the complicated process running over a due course of time.  It gradually leads to a concrete substantial form. Somewhere between exchanging those first glances and dividing household chores, there is

Five Warning Signs of a Commitment Phobic

Commitment phobic people are afraid of serious commitments. They are often in an emotional conflict due to some or the other reason. People often easily confuse a commitment phobic person with one ignoring you. Both are extremely

Four Warning signs of an ending relationship

Often it is difficult to understand the stages of a relationship. While you glide through the phases, transition sometimes becomes tough and often is something natural. This is a subtle warning that often surfaces only when the

Five tips to maintain a relationship healthy and strong

What is a relationship? A relationship is a connection between two people involving feelings and emotions. Our daily life includes navigating through different types of relationships from casual dating to working with co-workers to love life. We

Five Effective ways to spice up your boring marriage

Marriage is an exciting and life-changing event in the life of every person. With the passing days, the excitement fades away. Eventually, at one point in time lose the flavor. It becomes more of a habit. If

Six essential ways to walk out of a long term relation

A long term relation is very difficult to end. Compromise is never a solution. With time, as we get to know the person, the negativities come up. We tend to feel the burden of once treasured relation.

How to Value Yourself in a Relationship

If you have traveled on a flight, you must have heard the announcement that in the case of emergency put on the oxygen mask yourself before you help your co-passengers. Many of us have tendencies to put

Seven Powerful Ways to Reignite the Spark in Your Love

Do you feel that your relationship has hit a sour patch? Do you think things are not as wonderful as they once were or how you expected them to be? Don’t worry about it! Most couples have

Five effective steps to forgive someone who has hurt you

Each one of us at one point in time in our lives faces the deadliest betrayal. It may be by a spouse, children, or someone who we care about the most. Gripping on to the bitter grudge,

Eight steps to cope up with breakup

Ending a relationship can be very painful to deal with. When you are going through a breakup after a long-term relationship, it can get extremely overwhelming to cope up and lead your daily life normally. Many minor