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Do We Really Fall in Love?

Relationships are complicated. Two people trying to know each other inside out, spending a lot of time together trying to understand each other.  And contemplating about if the relationship is headed towards a long-term commitment or not.

Seven Things Every Man Should Know About Women

Every man should know about women some certain basic things based on observation. What annoys a woman and what makes her happy is a whole different level of debate altogether though. We often hear men claiming that

Four Important Stages of Relationship Development

A relationship is basically a cycle of the complicated process running over a due course of time.  It gradually leads to a concrete substantial form. Somewhere between exchanging those first glances and dividing household chores, there is

Five Warning Signs of a Commitment Phobic

Commitment phobic people are afraid of serious commitments. They are often in an emotional conflict due to some or the other reason. People often easily confuse a commitment phobic person with one ignoring you. Both are extremely

Four Warning signs of an ending relationship

Often it is difficult to understand the stages of a relationship. While you glide through the phases, transition sometimes becomes tough and often is something natural. This is a subtle warning that often surfaces only when the

Five tips to maintain a relationship healthy and strong

What is a relationship? A relationship is a connection between two people involving feelings and emotions. Our daily life includes navigating through different types of relationships from casual dating to working with co-workers to love life. We

Five Effective ways to spice up your boring marriage

Marriage is an exciting and life-changing event in the life of every person. With the passing days, the excitement fades away. Eventually, at one point in time lose the flavor. It becomes more of a habit. If

Six essential ways to walk out of a long term relation

A long term relation is very difficult to end. Compromise is never a solution. With time, as we get to know the person, the negativities come up. We tend to feel the burden of once treasured relation.

How to Value Yourself in a Relationship

If you have traveled on a flight, you must have heard the announcement that in the case of emergency put on the oxygen mask yourself before you help your co-passengers. Many of us have tendencies to put

Seven Powerful Ways to Reignite the Spark in Your Love

Do you feel that your relationship has hit a sour patch? Do you think things are not as wonderful as they once were or how you expected them to be? Don’t worry about it! Most couples have

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