Silence, a deafening silenceScaring me to the coreLosing me from my path, from myselfWith every passing event. Not an unexpected

I am or Am I?

With tasks accomplishingTargets and goals blurredWere those my responsibilitiesOr my dreams fulfilled? With meticulous planning and executionEvery minutia broke its


Greeting every arrival, you tread meBetween high springing hopes and hard knocksBetween bitter, twisted truth and factsBetween the mightiness and

Rhythm of Life

Caged in a cageless cageLife reckoning and beckoningEventful, uncomplicated and happeningReining reins to my tunes. Sand, stone, rain, and breezeAll

My Prized Possession

Changing cities and I have been the best of friends in recent years following husband around his various postings. Just

A Silent Signal

Seeking approvalFearing disapprovalFocussing hard to avoid mistakesI am the supporting stakes. Choosing not to feel guiltyDischarging my responsibilityIn the binding

Elusive life

This is how I am, my obsession with lifeArguments, fights, resentment, and complaintsMy wants, my desires, my wishesThe cribbing, cravings,

No big deal…

I love standing here in my balcony overlooking the beautiful landscape before settling with my routine morning domestic chores.  The

Mother Knows Best

Weekly thrice the dotty daughter makes calls to her parents. Conversation during weekdays are limited but on Sundays, it stretches

History Repeats

I did not like when she ignored meWhen she did not talk to meWhen she left me on my ownTo