Hello readers,
Welcome to my space!

I am Rajashree Bhagwat. Before entering into this ocean of writing, I had a successful stint of twelve years in one of the giant steel Industry in India, as a Human Resources professional. Traversing through myriad experiences as a career oriented person and juggling between my roles as a daughter, as a mother, and as a wife, each instance taught me lessons.

During difficult times, I had always wished that I knew certain things to handle the issues maturely. Nevertheless, days were different then without much resources. Gradually, emerging successfully in life, I felt an urge to write and bring all my experiences under one roof help. There, started my passion for writing in 2012. Finally, in 2014, I came up with my dream book, ‘Over the Rainbow’, in which I have written about parenting and adoption. My confidence grew and I tried my hand at something different what I had felt difficult. And the fruition, was my second book, ‘A Drop of Dew’, a light-hearted novel about romance, friendship, love, and marriage.

As I wrote, I realized, I could derive at my own sense of purpose and meaning of life. Writing became a healing to me, physically and mentally. Gradually, the tremendous power of writing took over me and I entered into the world of blogging. I am thrilled to utilize this platform to inform, suggest, advice and discuss on various issues of day-to-day lives there by exploring the personal potential. I feel grateful to be a small part of instilling hope and offering encouragement as you traverse your own life path.

I blog on Parenting, Adoption, Relationship, Self-help, Spirituality, and issues related to Women.  I have included some Case studies too to help readers understand and relate to the instances.   Each blog is designed to inspire the readers and help them live a purposeful, successful and value-based life. Go, enjoy your read and have your takeaways!

Come, join me on my path to living life to the fullest! Let’s make this world a better place to live.

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