Claiming the cozy corner
Savouring aromatic blends
Enjoying the soft music
Serenading at the background
I did not pretend that I enjoyed.

Staring your gaze shamelessly
Watching your unusual genuine emotions
Smiling and steady I was all ears and eyes
Returning and reciprocating your emotions
I did not pretend that I felt fortunate.

Burning barbeque smoke across the table
Swooshing my eyes soothed my burning eyes
Helping me hide my fight with tears
Fumbling, I chose to choose words carefully
I did not pretend that I was living those candid moments.

Looming large and tall amidst all
Mocking me sneaked a question, ‘Till when?’
Interrupting every now and then
Ignoring I chose though, I couldn’t
I did not pretend the uncomfortableness I felt.

Continuing to gulp the despair I struggled
Figuring out what had to be done
Glinting came a flicker, ripping my heart out
Uttering each word, I threw a dart of words
I did not pretend the pain it caused to me.

Making way to all my helter-skelter of emotions
Speaking the unspoken wounds
Pouring out the hidden shadows of guilt
Letting free of my famished self
I did not pretend that nothing would be the same again.

Pirouetting within myself
Dusting the impurities, the forbidden
Cutting open the festered clutter of wounds
Pulling out myself from the threadbare
I did not pretend that I was to end it all.

The blistering heat of that summer day
Bringing forth before me a pristine clarity
Warning me the impending ruins of my life
Walking me past the illusion of mirth
I did not pretend that I chose to mark a new begin.

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