No matter how long you have been married, how much you love your partner; mere co-existing can be a big challenge.  Simple reason being the annoying habits of men, especially when it is your spouse!

On one side he is a wonderful father, he is the most generous and caring person you have ever met but at the same time, he can be the most annoying person on the earth.

Here are 18 most common annoying habits of men that get you on your nerves.

  1. He is in the bathroom for hours and when called never responds. The one that keeps him busy is his mobile.
  2. He can wear the same set of clothes for a complete week. If we call it dirty, it is always a big ‘OK’ for him. He can save the pair to wear for yet another day to complete the week.
  3. Invites friends without informing you. Or sometimes with a short notice of a text message hinting indirectly.  “We can manage” or “ Let’s manage” or “make it simple, don’t stress yourself”  when he says, it is always the woman who has to manage with the leftovers.
  4. The messy kitchen when he cooks occasionally. The trash is full, oil spilled over the stove, and dishes piled up, not in the sink but right next to the sink – all dried and stained.
  5. Never ever does his bed. “What’s the big deal, it’s just going to get messed up tonight again.” are his version.
  6. Leaves his wristwatch on the center table of the living room. His shoes never can find its place. And the socks can go on for some days!  And if it has to be washed, it is always left in the unnoticed corner of the room.
  7. The cabinet doors are left open every time he uses. The clothes in his cabinets are all messed up.
  8. When you need him to hear you out, before you complete your sentence he is all up with the solutions.
  9. The more you try to get him talk over matters he avoids you. More so, he is busy checking the messages in his mobile, engrossed in the silly, lame jokes. And to add on, he even forwards you the joke and insists you read it right away.
  10. Soon after dinner or lunch, he is all hungry again and asks you for some snacks.
  11. When you are on a diet plan for him, he comes out with great ideas of trying out new dishes. Many times he is all set to cook the new stuff.
  12. He is able to sleep at any time of the day and no sooner his head hits the pillow he starts snoring.
  13. He comes up with parenting advice occasionally. It is always when you are being strict to discipline the kids, “Hey, go easy with them, they are our little kids.”
  14. He can easily pay deaf ears when he wants and most of what you are talking never reach him.
  15. He is able to remember every detail about the cricket match. He is able to sit before the television for hours but cannot accompany you for the meeting at your child’s school.
  16. That one long hair on his ear or out from his nose bothers him every single day.
  17. The burps and the farts at the wrong time!
  18. No matter how hard you try and explain things, but nothing can ever improve rather it always ends with, “why do you stress yourself for such silly matters?”

However, women are smart enough to get their work done in the way they want.  But, life would have been better if you knew certain basic demands of women.  Do share some moments of your experience about annoying habits of men that annoyed the heck out of you.

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