People often experience some strange unfathomable emotions at one point of their life. No matter how hard they try, they hit rock bottom. It can be during the late twenties or thirties or even in forties, depending on one’s lifestyle and mental health. Starts small but gradually it takes one over some traumatic conditions. Life completely changes and it is then in retrospect, the fact surface – midlife crisis. The process often begins long before symptoms are visible.

Identifying the symptoms of midlife crisis can help one embrace the fact and help overcome the emotional blocks.

Here is how to know if you are having a midlife crisis:

  1. You no longer feel good about yourself. In the pursuit of improving yourself, strange thoughts pop into your minds, such as changing your job or buying an expensive car.
  2. Illogical, unexpected and unexplained bouts of depression take over you.
  3. Sudden change in your routine, maybe integrating some exercises or a walk or a job, most importantly your weight becomes a concern.
  4. Boredom in everything you do. Nothing interests you. Your kids and partners with whom you spend most of your time, become irritating and annoying.
  5. You try to keep yourself away from everything and fail to find solace being alone too.
  6. You are all set to explore yourself. You develop new hobbies and passions.
  7. A sudden desire to look different and your taste for your dressing see a sea change.
  8. Sudden interest in any form of creativity or towards spirituality.
  9. In your pursuit of avoidance, you get into the habit of drinking or smoking or even having flings or affairs.
  10. Restarting things that you dropped during your early years.
  11. Overwhelming emotions keep sneaking a peek very often. Controlling your overwhelming emotions you can take charge of yourself.
  12. You start comparing yourself with others and jump to a conclusion that everyone around is happy. You feel, it is only you, who is suffering and compromising with the life.
  13. You feel trapped in life. Loneliness fills in.
  14. You lose confidence.
  15. You often feel disappointed and frustrated. You may even end up feeling depressed.

The drastic change of life brings in turmoil and it is often this time, one experiences a great level of stress in life. In the process of transformation, some give up and surrender to the situations. While there are wise others who take charge and steer their life in an altogether different direction and start their life anew.

With the impact of midlife crisis touching every aspect of one’s life, it is important to be proactive and plan before it hits you.

Midlife Crisis is a turning point when change must happen to prevent the breakdown of the former order of things, putting your past behind. The crisis is not a time of trouble: unless doing nothing. The crisis is a time for transformation and opportunity. Not easy, though, not difficult either. Rather than going against the flow, keep your cool. Accept it as your share of fate and there you can see yourself emerging strong and mature.

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