Women today have been making their foray in all the arenas of life. Competing equally with their counterparts in meeting their deadlines and targets, they have been walking up to their career ladder, achieving new heights. But, not all have been experiencing this status. The world being the male dominant place, a woman today has to fight and break through her own beliefs and conditions to live the life she wished.

The 12 secrets below help you choose your path and be a go-getter woman.

  1. Question yourself with the five Ws
    Come out of your preset beliefs. Contradict yourself. Question on what-ifs. Question yourself about your life, are you living a happy life? Is this the life you wished to live? The answers you come up with helps you find your path with a clear focus on your future course of actions.
  2. Breakthrough the confines
    Emerge out of your limited beliefs. Explore and identify the opportunities around. Find a place for yourself. Create an identity of your own. Deal with your day-to-day stress and overcome the barriers.
  3. Set your goals
    It’s always never too late. However, taking actions and planning can push you away from your future regret. Take some risks and forge ahead.
  4. Stand up for yourself
    It is you who has to take charge of your life. Decide and think about what and how best you can make of yourself. Consider the other alternatives. Brainstorm.
  5. Prioritize your needs first
    Place your needs and yourself first. It’s time to be selfish as life is soon going to end if you do not take control of your life. Think and decide on what makes you happy and go for it.
    Be emotionally independent
  6. Your happiness depends on you. Not on others. Your actions depend on your thoughts and your thoughts depend on your goals. Set a goal. Rather than struggling to fit in yourself around, make a place for yourself.
  7. Reinvent yourself
    Do not let the surroundings and the prevailing situations mold your thoughts and you. Rather, change the situation and bring in new things into your days.
  8. Let go of the ill feelings and your past
    The present is based on your past and every passing day becomes a past of the present. Hence, come out of your past and change your present. Let go of the ill feelings about yourself and the others who has hurt you. This has a powerful capacity to change your perspectives.
  9. Accept yourself the way you are
    It could be your family or your changing priorities that have made you what you are today. Understand the fact that it was your mindset that has made you what you are today. Accepting yourself can broaden your thoughts. Don’t ever compare yourself with other.
  10. Love yourself
    Pamper yourself. Look good. Dress good. Eat healthy food. Exercise. Work out to maintain your body and fitness. Feel good about yourself. Fall in love with yourself.
  11. Take action
    Dream high. Aim high. Take a small step towards reaching your goal. Celebrate the first success. Believe in yourself. Have confidence in yourself.
  12. Be a rebel
    Learn to say NO politely. Do not let people take you for granted be it your kids or partner or parents. Be with yourself and help yourself to be what you wished. Live your life to the fullest by being yourself.

There you go! Would love to hear from you about your experiences and achievements.  Do share your comments below.

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