Adoption journey begins long before the child arrives. It precisely begins at the very moment the adoptive parents decide to adopt. The adoptive parents anxiously wait for their new child. Unfortunately, their initial happiness soon fades away as the days pass on. The simple reason could be adoptive parents failing to understand the child in the early days. No worries! Understand your adopted child and help him/her find their place and make an identity in the world.

Here are the simple tips to help you understand your adopted child:

  1. Give ample amount of time to your child to adjust to the new surroundings: The child is out of its comforts and is with new faces and new surroundings. The way you hold the child too matters. Talks, gestures, and ambiance too change. The child that has seen the changes in caregivers now has to adjust to the new one. It is not an easy thing to come by especially for the ones who has been undergone changes with caregivers. Feeding time, sleeping time, potty time, all needs time to set into a new routine.
  2. Observe the movements and study the emotions of the child: Notice every little movement of your child is a matter of concern. Observe your child as you feed, and their reactions. Come up with what the child loves or feels comfortable with.
  3. Be there when your child needs you: The little cues of your child should be well taken into consideration. It is with these little moves you are going to forge a bond between the two of you.
  4. Communicate with your child as much as possible: Understand the child’s language and expression and reply positively.
  5. Smile often and make him feel comfortable: Your smile and soft talks can put him in a secured place where he will start trusting you.
  6. Let the routine activities like bathing, massaging be fun activity: The best way to teach a child is by fun loving activities. The child should enjoy the activity, be it the bath, or feed or a play. Only then, it is possible for you to involve the child happily to the little routine.
  7. Spend time as much as possible with your child: The initial days and months lay the foundation between the adoptive parents and the adopted child. Hence, it is the prime element of starting on the journey of parenting your adopted child.
  8. Step by step, with a baby approach, introduce your child to your style of living: Never ever rush. The delicate bond has to be given a strong foundation and it needs slow pace.
  9. Be the one that the child stand up to for any of the needs : The primary caregiver being the mother in most of the cases has to have that extra ounce of patience, when it comes to an adopted child. Be patient and considerate.
  10. Gain the trust of your child : Trust is the basic element of all the relationship that we share. And when it comes to the little innocent child who is always put tremendous pressure, trust can build a strong base for the child.

Raising a child that does not share the same flesh and blood is not easy. It takes a lot to be parents for an adopted child. However, following some basic rules adoption can be an enjoyable journey. As you understand your child some hidden issues like eating disorders and health problems can also crop up, what needs to be dealt with care.

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