Traditions in the past days were just superstitions and mere practices. Today, with the emergence of scientific explanations, tradition and customs have found new definitions. Science aligning with spirituality, people no more follow the traditions and customs blindly.

Here are some awe-inspiring significance behind Hindu traditions.

  1. Folding hands, a greeting gesture:
    India has a tradition of folding hands to greet people rather than shaking hands. The scientific reason behind this gesture is that palms have a lot of nerve endings. When someone joins the fingers of hands with the tips and the palms, pressure points activate.
  2. Indian Women Wears Toe Ring:
    It is a common practice for the married Indian women to wear rings on the second toe finger. The inherent scientific reason behind this practice is that there is a nerve, which passes through the uterus and finally reaches the heart. This cause in the strengthening of the uterus and at the same time generates smooth functioning of the menstrual cycle and also regularizes the blood flow.
  3. Application of Sindoor (vermilion) or kumkum on the forehead:
    The practice of application of sindoor or kumkum right between the two brows is considered pious. The scientific reason is, it is a converging point for nerves. When the area between the brows is pressed, it facilitates the blood supply to the face muscles.
  4. The ringing of Temples bells:
    The temple bells containing various metals produces a sound that helps connect both the right and the left side of our brain. The sound brings alertness to the minds to the present, thereby reducing the worries.
  5. Worshiping the ‘Tulsi’ plant:
    Tulsi is one of the highest order of status because of its medicinal value. It serves as an antibiotic. In taking a few Tulsi leaves enhances the body strength and keeps us away from various diseases.
  6. Application of Mehndi or henna on hands:
    This is the most popular and loved tradition by all Indian women. Apart from adding beauty, the herb helps soothe the mind and body. It serves as a cooling effect for the tired minds during festival season.
  7. Sitting on the floor and having meals:
    This tradition of having meals sitting on the floor creates the posture of Yoga. It helps to enhance the total digestive system and at the same time takes care of the circulatory systems.
  8. Surya Namaskar or greeting the rising sun:
    Greeting the sun, early in the morning brings a discipline to one’s life. Early morning is the most productive time of the day. Hence waking up early and performing Surya Namaskar helps people to focus on their goals. The early rays of the sun are beneficial too for the health.
  9. Prostrating the elders or touching the feet:
    Touching the feet is no doubt a gesture of paying respect to the elders. The science refers it as a very good yoga posture or exercise and if practiced gets the backbone related issue sorted out. Apart from those, nerves from our brain spreading all over the body generate a positive energy throughout the body. It generates cosmic power in your body.
  10. Worshiping an idol:
    Science relates Idol worship to concentration. It aligns our three senses what we see, what we think and what we register in the brain. It helps us improve our focus.

With science and spirituality aligning, people have become more receptive towards our traditions and customs. The amalgamation has given a new dimension to our lives.

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