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Surprise – Little surprises of nature sometimes go unnoticed Little surprises that nature shows up go unnoticed many a times.  Undoubtedly, it conveys a strong message. To figure out the hint, all it needs is a keen

Photo Prompt Fiction – 100 words

PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson   At five past five, in the wee hours of the dawn, the bus came to a halt before a big gate.  I looked at my fifteen-year-old.  Her chubby face, when she

What is it to watch the wonderful starry night sky?

Indispire Post – Wonderful starry night sky The Past is always beautiful. It becomes an integral part of our lives in future.  How often we find ourselves lost in the memories of the past and at the

How important it is to feel Secured in life

The Daily post prompt -Security, what is it to feel secured in life? Security is a feeling of safety and comfort, be it with people, circumstances or even ambiance.  The very interpretation of feeling secured is related

Sunday Photo Fiction – Kotitheertha in Gokarna

Sunday Photo Fiction – Kotitheertha in Gokarna The prompt took me down my memory lane, to my childhood days.  Since long, I had one wish. I wanted to write down my most treasured memory.  But without a

Inspired by What Pegmen Saw – Speculative Fiction

My contribution and Participation in creative writing challenge – Speculative Fiction Genre I remember thinking, I probably need a few more days to know where exactly my life was heading.  Eight long years had already gone by

A new begin of my life – Sunday Photo Fiction

My contribution to Sunday photo fiction – Life Did the ocean and the shore really shrink over the years, I wondered gazing at the sea. For a moment, I felt it really did. No, it didn’t, but

My lessons of life until now

Time flies, doesn’t it? It only feels like yesterday the new year began and we’ve already come to the end of January. Fortunately, the very first day of this year for me began with a boom was on

My Reflections on 2016 – Eventful with lot of hurdles…

Happy New year to all my lovely readers. Another year has passed never to return. And as always, a new year has begun with new promises, new hopes instilling us with inspirations getting us on our toes

What would be your idea of evolved human beings?

Born helpless, we are dependent. As children, we learn by watching and mimicking people around us. Social skills, responsibilities, and commitments add on in the subsequent stages. We grow into adults we learn to understand the world