Mother Knows Best

Weekly thrice the dotty daughter makes calls to her parents. Conversation during weekdays are limited but on Sundays, it stretches up to an hour, topics range from day-to-day events to friends, to health and finally comes the

Chaos – 100 Word Challenge

Chaos – 100 word challenge She shuddered. She screamed. A silent scream. The gnawing despair and helplessness she suffered since years now gorged her up. The futility of this scream would not be any different, she knew.

My Money – 100 Word Challenge

My Money Treading a fine line between your money, my money and ours, they stumbled into the latter. Two decades ago, young and naïve they were two young individuals struggling for their respective identities in the corporate

History Repeats

I did not like when she ignored me When she did not talk to me When she left me on my own To succumb to confusions. What could be the reason I struggled to figure out But

Am I responsible?

I often hit the crossroads In the journey of parenting Not while I brought up my two darling daughters But during bringing up my adopted son. I keep reminding myself when stuck often The oath I took

Hide and Seek

I wish I could record those unexpected moments The moments that enlightened me with thoughts One of its kind, unique, genuine, tranquil and unusual What can become my inspiration in my need. My mind just cannot jaunt

A New End

Claiming the cozy corner Savouring aromatic blends Enjoying the soft music Serenading at the background I did not pretend that I enjoyed. Staring your gaze shamelessly Watching your unusual genuine emotions Smiling and steady I was all

Are we what we pretend to be?

Dully, she watched him as he wobbled his way toward the bed.  As was usual, without any preamble, he grabbed her. She went in position.  The deed done. Almost immediately, he was snoring. “Is this Marital rape?”

Logical Explanations Missing!

As he turned one, he learnt to stand up, holding Turning two, he spoke in grunts By the time he was three he was hyperactive At the age of four, he seemed to be restless Something amiss!

A Thoughtful Reflection

Self-doubt is something which has troubled me the most, most of my lifetime, for anything and everything I did, or I decided.  Gotten caught in the vicious trap, life always seemed to be in a turmoil. But